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Punditas AI Advisor is an AI powered platform that transforms how Users Train, Adopt and Use Enterprise Software Products

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Punditas AI is built for Enterprise Product Users, Enterprise Software OEM companies and Solution Providers. Punditas Artificial Intelligence platform provides personalized product content for Product Users to use the software effectively. Our AI platform also provides actionable insights for Product OEM companies to deliver products that customers love. We enable Solution Providers to showcase and promote their Products & Services directly within the Enterprise Application environment

Punditas AI is based on our Product Genome

Punditas Product Genome is a unified, codified blueprint for Adoption, Expansion and Success of Enterprise Software Products driven by User behaviors.

Punditas AI is a repeatable and standardized process for mapping all aspects of an enterprise product to deliver personalized, meaningful and actionable insights to Users

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Who needs Punditas AI Advisor?

Product Users

Personalized product content for Enterprise Users to use software efficiently

Drive Efficient Adoption & Usage of Enterprise Software

Enterprise Software OEM's

Actionable insights to help OEM's deliver products that customers adopt

Get the Voice of Customer in real-time for Product Innovation & Expansion

Solution Providers

Promote Products, Services, Training directly within Creo environment

Build brand awareness and accelerate sales for your products & services

Punditas AI Advisor for Enterprise Users

Key Features

AI-powered answers and insights for Users

AI-driven self service for Enterprise Users

AI-enabled contextual & personalized training


Improve Productivity

Reduce operational costs

Boost User Engagement

Improve Efficiency

Punditas AI connects Enterprise Users to Enterprise Products & Content

Punditas User Advisor leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to discover what matters the most to Users while continuously learning about Users preferences and behaviors

Punditas AI Advisor for Enterprise Software OEM's

Key Features

Leverage insights from the Digital Body Language of your Users

Build Products based on your Customers Knowledge Needs

Engage Users on their terms. Avoid Software-Sitting-Unused-On-Shelf


Accelerate Product Adoption

Build Products that your customers love

Increase customer retention

Adopt data-driven approach to Product planning

21 Product Traits handled by Punditas AI
Product Videos
Resolved Bugs
Partner Products
Partner Services
Customer Presentations
Online Discussions
Product Presentations
Reference Documents
Case Studies
Product Briefs
Your companys internal content

Punditas AI Advisor for Solution Providers

Key Features

Promote your Products & Services offerings directly within PTC Creo

Spotlight your Products & Services to PTC Users as they use PTC Creo Software on a daily basis. Get noticed by users that matters the most to your business

Gain insights into the needs, interests and behaviors of Users

Be discovered when Users search for information on Creo Topics. Showcase your company on Punditas Knowledge Graph. Get a deeper understanding of Users topics of interest and pain points

Integrate your Product content for contextual discovery

Integrate Punditas AI Platform with your Products and Product content. Deliver meaningful and timely content during the moments that matter for the User


Increase brand awareness

Tailor your offerings based on customers need

Reach your ideal customers

Grow your business and drive revenue

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