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Punditas Product Genome is a unified, codified blueprint for Adoption, Expansion and Success of Enterprise Software Products driven by User behaviors

Modeled after the Human Genome Project, Punditas Product Genome is a systematic process of identifying and mapping Software Product Traits and Enterprise User Traits. We have connected industry's siloed data for Enterprise Software Products into a normalized knowledge graph that delivers personalized and actionable insights for Users, Software OEM's and Solution Providers

About Punditas Product Genome

Punditas uses Artificial Intelligence technologies to automatically identify, aggregate and analyze content from 100's of repositories for Enterprise Products. Our Machine Learning algoirthms decode Users personal preferences for adopting and using Enterprise Products.
We call this Punditas Product Genome. Punditas Product Genome is a unified, codified blueprint for Adoption, Expansion and Success of Enterprise Software Products driven by User behaviors. It’s a repeatable, and standardized process for determining everything we need to know about a product to deliver personalized, meaningful and actionable insights to Users

We have mapped the Product Genome TM

We have decoded and mapped Enterprise User Traits to Product Traits to accelerate Adoption, Expansion and Usage of Enterprise Software
  • 21Software Product Traits mapped
  • 14Enterprise User Traits mapped
  • 10Terabytes of data analyzed
  • 10'sof Enterprise Software Products supported
  • 500Content repositories analyzed
  • 40,000+Unique users accessing Punditas AI
  • 3streams of your organiations internal data
  • 3000+Companies on Punditas AI

Software Product Traits in Punditas

What are Software Product Traits?
Every Enterprise Product has many distinct or unique aspects. We call these unique aspects as Product Traits. Product Traits completely describes the Product and are essential for successful Adoption, Expansion and Success of the Product.

Punditas AI platform processes 21 traits for every Product. These 21 traits are further grouped into the following five perspectives -(1) Product (2) Support (3) Customer (4) Marketing and (5) Partner. The graphic below illustrates the five perspectives denoted as orange nodes and the twenty-one Product Traits as children of these five perspectives(orange node). PTC Creo Parametric is used as an example in this graphic. However, this process of mapping Product Traits is common to all Enterprise Software

Enterprise User Traits in Punditas

What are Enterprise User Traits?
Organizations use Enterprise Software for mission critical applications. Users spend significant amount of time learning, using and exploring in order to get their job done. Understanding and characterizing Enterprise User preferences can improve user productivity and increase adoption of these mission critical applications

Enterprise Users have distinguishing features. We call these as Enterprise User Traits. Punditas AI platform maps 14 traits for Users. These 14 traits are further grouped into the following perspectives - (1) Cognitive traits (2) Product Interests (3) Influence traits (4) Content Preferences and (5) Demographic traits. The graphic below illustrates the five perspectives denoted as orange nodes

Punditas Product Genome is a living database

Punditas AI leverages Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning and Vision algorithms to decode Product & User traits. The four key elements of this living database are

Continuous discovery

The Volume, Velocity and Variety of data that’s available for Enterprise Application Softwares is daunting. Punditas AI continuously monitors repositories to detect any additions or updates to these repositories

Real-time extraction

Enterprise Software Product data is locked away in numerous silos. This raw data has varying levels of meta-data assoiated with it. Punditas extraction process handles both data and meta-data associated for every Product

Contextual connections

With staggering amounts of unstructured information becoming available, it is humanly impossible to make connections within this data. Punditas Product Genome continuously analyzes Product & User Traits to update baselined profiles

OOTB support

The power of Punditas AI is the ability to easily integrate Product Knowledge for any Enterprise Product. Many Enterprise Software Products are supported OOTB. Just contact Punditas if you dont see your favorite Enterprise Software Product

What is a Genome?

The word Genome dates back 1930's and it refers to the genetic code that defines and describe the species. The Human Genome project was an effort to completely understand and map all the genes of human beings both from a physical and functional standpoint

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