Punditas Partner Solutions Events Spotlight

Spotlight your events within PTC Creo environment. Increase your audience

Promote your Events, Training and Webinars directly within PTC Creo

Punditas AI Engine is embedded within PTC Creo and now ships with PTC Creo 4.0, Creo 6.0 and Creo 7.0 Versions. Punditas AI is accessible by Creo Users across the world. Promote your Training, Webinars and other events on the landing page. Get the attention you need from PTC Users.

Events Spotlight Option

Join the growing Partner ecosystem and start leveraging our AI platform. Punditas AI platform showcases your products and services within Creo and offers insights into PTC Users behaviors,interests, preferences.

See what's in it for you

Promote your Webinars, Training courses and other events to people that matter most to you
Get insights that only Punditas AI can give
Measure Users interest in your Training Courses, Webinars and Events and drive revenue
Leverage data driven insights into PTC Users behavior for your sales and marketing success
Give customers more ways to reach you from within Creo environment

Promote your Training courses directly to PTC Users

Get in front of 40,000+ users about your events

Reach Creo Users when they are most engaged. Promote your training courses when users are actively looking for training

Market your webinars within PTC Creo environment

Drive attendance to your Webinars

Knock down the geographical barriers for your webinars by targeting PTC Users across the world. Engage PTC Users and accelerate sales of your Products & Services

Measure interest in your events with Punditas Event Analytics

Learn which training courses, webinars are more popular than others

Measure PTC Users interest in your Training Courses, Webinars and events. You can use these business insights to improve your Product, Marketing or Sales success

Share your latest business updates

Drive real results

Target your Products & Services to everyday PTC Users and Influencers who are open to new ways of solving problem with PTC Software

Give customers more ways to reach you

Drive real results

PTC customers can now contact you with questions about your Products & Services easily without having to go out of their Creo environment. Potential customers can ask a pricing, packaging, technical question directly from within Creo interface

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