Punditas Partner Program
for PTC Products

Punditas Partner Program is for companies that offer Products & Services complementary to PTC products

About Punditas Partner Program

Punditas Partner Program for PTC is designed for companies that offer Products & Services around PTC software. Punditas AI platform is integrated within Creo environment and enables companies to promote and showcase Products, Services, Training, Webinars and Events directly inside Creo environment. Punditas AI offers deep insights into PTC User behaviors, personal preferences and the knowledge needed to help your company position your solutions for success.

Punditas Partner Program for PTC products

Reach your ideal customers on the only AI platform integrated with PTC Creo

3 of 5

3 out of 5 PTC Users drive buying decisions


4 times increase in your audience


#1 AI driven Platform for engaging with PTC Users

Transform your business and reach more Creo Users with Punditas AI being intergrated within PTC Creo software

Expand your business

Promote your Products & Services offerings directly within Creo environment

Increase visibility

Build brand awareness and increase your sales by getting discovered by Creo Users during their critical Creo moments

Gain insights

Gain insights into the needs of Creo Users with Punditas Marketing Analytics

Moments that matter for

The key moments when a User is looking for answers. This is the opportunity for your company to be discovered


The moment when a User is searching for answers on a specific topic

Example: What are the best practices for creating family tables in Creo?

I-want-to-do moment

The moment when a user is wanting to do something within the Enterprise Product

Example: How do I create parametrically-controlled lattice structures in Creo?

I-am-curious moment

The moment when a user is eager to explore and learn about a new module or feature enhancement

Example: What is this new Generative Design topology optimization in Creo about?

You are a good fit for the Partner Program if...

If you want to Promote your Products & Services and build brand awareness directly within Creo environment

If you want to increase sales by getting discovered by PTC Users during their critical Creo moments

If you want to gain insights into the Knowledge needs of Creo Users

Punditas Partner Program is designed for PTC Partners, Resellers and Service Providers that offer PTC related Products, Training and Services. You are good fit in the following cases

Choose a solution that meets your goals

You want to grow your business faster. We're in the growth business. Explore our partner program and let's start growing better together.

Company Spotlight

Starter package, fastest way to expand your reach PTC Users

Spotlight your Products & Services to PTC Users as they use Creo Software on a daily basis. Get noticed within the PTC community

Company Spotlight is the fastest way to expand your reach within the PTC community

$50 /month*
Billed annually



  • Reach PTC Users when they are most engaged

  • Promote your Offerings within Creo application where Users spend their day

  • Showcase your company on Punditas Landing Page within PTC Creo Software

  • Establish direct contact with Users from inside Creo environment

  • Measure PTC Users interests in your Products & Services

  • Connect insights that only Punditas AI can provide to your Marketing and Sales success

  • Learn more...

Events Spotlight

(includes Company Spotlight and more...)

Spotlight your Training Courses, Product Updates, Customer Case Studies, Webinars, etc. to PTC Users inside Creo environment

Events Spotlight program is the easiest way to announce your events to the PTC community

$100 /month*
Billed annually



  • All features from Company Spotlight option plus more...

  • Share your latest business updates directly with PTC Users

  • Promote your Webinars, Training and other events on Landing page within Creo environment

  • Gain insights into all your events through Events Analytics Dashboard

  • Learn which training courses, webinars are more popular than others

  • Connect insights offered by Punditas Event Analytics to improve your Marketing success

Learn more...

Partner Analytics

(includes Company & Events Spotlight)

Gain insights into the Knowledge Needs and characteristics of PTC Users, get discovered through Punditas Knowledge Graph

Partner Analytics program helps align your Products & Services with PTC Users knowledge needs

$300 /month*
Billed annually



  • All features from Event Spotlight plus more...

  • Get a list of hot topics that PTC Users are searching about

  • Be discovered when Users search for information on Creo Topics. Secure a spot on the Punditas Knowledge Graph

  • Get deeper understanding of Creo Users Knowledge needs

  • Explore day-to-day access trends of PTC Users

  • Get deeper insights of PTC Users through Partner Analytics Dashboard

Learn more...

OEM Analytics

(includes Company,Events Spotlight & Partner Analytics)

Do you offer products that are complementary to PTC products? Do you want your Product content to be discovered by PTC Users?

OEM Analytics allows integration of your Products & Product content for easy discovery within Creo

[email protected]



  • All features from Partner Solutions plus more

  • Analyze how your Product content is performing. Find out which types of content is more interesting to your users

  • Get a comprehensive understanding of all the content pertaining to your products

  • Check out how your products are trending

  • Check out how your competitors products are performing and the trending keywords

  • Compare and contrast user trends between your products & your competitors products

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Punditas Product Portfolio

PUNDITAS Model Based Advisor for MBD and MBE

Punditas Model Based (MBE) Advisor is an intelligent AI based solution for Strategic & Tactical Planning of your MBD and MBE journey

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Punditas User Advisor is the next generation AI-driven Knowledge platform that transforms how organizations Train, Adopt and Use Enterprise Applications

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