Punditas AI Platform Built for Enterprise Products Essential for

STOP the Digital Chase

Leverage Punditas Product Genome.

We accelerate Adoption, Expansion and Usage of Enterprise Software

STOP wondering about what is bothering your Userbase

Automatically discover Users pain points

Deliver AI-enabled Personalized Knowledge platform

Punditas AI Advisor anticipates Users Knowledge Needs and delivers meaningful Tips, Tricks, Tutorials and 18 other Product related content streams within users context

STOP chasing internal & external Knowledge Sources

Access a single source of Product Knowledge

Deploy AI-driven self service for Enterprise Users

Punditas AI Advisor harnesses the power of Knowledge hidden in thousands of internal and external repositories to help users resolve issues, learn and explore features of the Enterprise Application

STOP guessing which feature content your customers need

Automatically decode Users needs & interests

Leverage Digital Body Language of Users. Accelerate Adoption

Punditas OEM Analytics offers Software OEM's deep insights into Users pain points, content preferences, User behaviors, competitive trends as well as Product content trends

STOP the chase to find your ideal customers

Let customers find you in Moments that Matter

The only Artificial Intelligence platform integrated with PTC

Punditas Partner Analytics is embedded and shipped with PTC Creo Parametric. Solution Providers can promote and showcase their Products & Services directly inside PTC Creo environment

Punditas AI is now embedded within PTC Creo Parametric Software

Punditas AI provides real-time guidance as you work in the Creo environment. Information on “how to use” a feature in Creo, or best practices for working with Creo are presented within context, removing the need to guess or search for such information. Punditas AI driven content helps you leverage Creo to create your designs faster and with confidence.

Punditas Userbase

Active Users

We deeply understand Users and Software to decode personal preferences for adopting and using Enterprise Products

Software Product Traits
  • Product
    Product Tutorials, Product Help, Product Features
  • Support
    Open Bugs,Closed Issues, Workarounds
  • Customer
    Opinions, Discussions, Success stories, Customer Presentations
  • Marketing
    Blogs, Case Studies, Whitepapers, Product briefs
  • Partner
    Partner Products, Consulting Services
Enterprise User Traits
  • Product Interests
    Products (e.g. PTC Creo, Vuforia), Areas of interest (Simulation, AR)
  • Cognitive Traits
    Technical skills, Prior experience, Familiarity with Products
  • Demographic Traits
    Location, Industry
  • Content Preferences
    Content type(Tips,Tutorials...), Content format(Text,Videos, Mixed)
  • Influence Traits
    Decision Maker, Influencer, Contributor

Punditas Product Genome is the only platform making connections between Enterprise Products & Users

We have mapped the Product Genome TM

We decode and map Enterprise User Traits to Product Traits for Enterprise Software
  • 21Software Product Traits mapped
  • 14Enterprise User Traits mapped
  • 10Terabytes of data analyzed
  • 10'sof Enterprise Software Products supported
  • 500Content repositories analyzed
  • 40K+Unique users accessing Punditas AI
  • 3+streams of your organizations internal data
  • 2000+Companies use Punditas AI

Featured Customers

Enterprise Products supported OOTB

Punditas AI Platform supports many Enterprise Software Products (also known as Application Softwares). The following products are supported out of the box. If you don't see your favorite Enterprise Products on the list, just contact us

Who needs Punditas AI?

Punditas AI is built for Enterprise Product Users, Enterprise Software OEM companies and Solution Providers.

Enterprise Product Users

Personalized product content for Enterprise Users to use software efficiently

Drives Efficient Adoption & Usage of Enterprise Software

Enterprise Software OEM's

Actionable insights for OEM's deliver products that customers love

Get the Voice of Customer in real-time for Product Innovation & Expansion

Solution Providers

Promote Products, Services, Training directly within Creo environment

Build brand awareness and accelerate sales for your products & services