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FAQ about Partner Program

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Punditas Partner Program enables companies within the PTC ecosystem to promote their Products & Services to PTC Users. The Partner Program is unique because PTC has embedded Punditas AI Engine within Creo Parametric software. This means you can directly reach the PTC Users that matter the most to your business.
Pricing information and the available options of Partner Program is available here
Its simple- Signup, Login and Go Live. Follow this link to buy
At this time, Punditas partner program is applicable only to PTC products because our AI engine is embedded within PTC product.
Punditas Partner Program gives you the power to attract and engage PTC Users when they are using Creo Software. Your company's profile is presented within the Creo environment, allowing you to showcase and build your awareness for your brand amongst PTC Users. Also, our Partner Insights Dashboard shows how you can optimize your customer engagement for better results.
Its great that you are listed as a PTC Partner on their portal. The power of Punditas AI platform is in showcasing your Products & Services continuously within Creo environment during the Moments that Matter the most. These are the moments when users are searching for products or services like yours.
No, YouTube and other video hosting platforms(Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc.) will continue to be your mechanism for sharing videos. Punditas does not offer hosting service for videos. But, the power of Punditas AI Platform is in its ability to be the Single Source of Product Content. Content from YouTube and other video hosting services is automatically discovered, curated and only meaningful content is delivered to Creo Users during the Moments that Matter
No. You will continue to publish your Blogs, Case Studies and other marketing content on your site. However,Punditas AI engine discovers this content automatically and uses NLP and Text Analytics to classify, categorize and present when a PTC User is searching for this information
Yes. PTC Users do not have to exit Creo environment in order to contact you. They can contact you with any question they may have about your Products & Services
All Punditas Partner Programs deliver value by promoting your Company, Products and Solutions to PTC Users. The key difference lies in the type of information being presented to the Users as well as the Insights you derive about PTC Users. To review the comparison matrix, check this out