Punditas AI powers Digital Transformations

Punditas AI platform unlocks value of CAD-PLM-IoT-ERP-Enterprise Product data by making the right connections

Punditas AI suite

We make Connections

The answers you need when working with Enterprise Softwares are buried in some repository somewhere. Punditas AI platform unlocks the value of Enterprise data and presents structured and contextual informationthrough easy to consume visual dashboards within the Punditas AI suite of products. Punditas AI suite includes Punditas Admin Advisor, Punditas User Advisor and Punditas Model Based (MBD/MBE) Advisor


Punditas AI Platform supports most Enterprise Application Software. The following apps are supported Out Of the Box. If you don't see your favorite Enterprise Application on the list, just contact us

Punditas AI Suite

Tame the Digital chaos

Enterprise Application Softwares are continuously updated resulting in enoromous amounts of data becoming available for each release. This data is static, unstructured and Out of Context. Punditas AI unlocks the value of data using trained Machine Learning & Cognitiive computing algorithms to provide meaningful,in-context and actionable information to help with effective Training, Adoption and Usage of Enterprise Application Software.

Punditas Model Based Advisor

Punditas Model Based (Digital Engineering) Advisor is an AI based configurable platform that helps Enterprises realize their Model Based initiatives (MBD/MBE) based on People-Process-Technology-SWOT-Maturity-Alignment parameters

  • Leverage Connected, Collaborative platform for your Digital and Model Based journey
  • Assess and Establish Model Based Maturity Model for your organization
  • Evaluate & Track business value of Digital and Model Based Initiatives for your organization
  • Strategize, Roadmap your Digital and Model Based journey
  • Implement & Track your progress along the Digital/Model Based journey
  • Educate, Empower & Engage your stakeholders about Digital Engineering & Model Based initiatives

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Punditas User Advisor

Punditas User Advisor is the next generation AI driven Training & Knowledge dissemination platform that transforms how Users Train,Adopt and Use Enterprise Applications. Twelve dimensions of content is delivered based on each individuals skill level and style

  • Personalized, targeted product training for Enterprise App Users
  • 12 dimensions of contextual information for Enterprise App delivered based on users context
  • Product Knowledge delivered based on Users style and preference
  • Contextual product Training, Tips, Tricks, Best Practises and more for each Enterprise Application
  • Continuous Learning with contextual feeds of Product information
  • Enterprise App Users are in control of their solving day-to-day issues and Learning

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Punditas Admin Advisor

Punditas Admin Advisor is an AI based platform that automatically monitors and alerts CAD-PLM-Enterprise-IT-Business Admins about the Pain Points (Knowledge Needs) of their User base as well as software bugs, performance issues, regressions, upgrade issues, etc.

  • Monitors Pain Points and Knowledge Needs of Enterprise Users
  • Helps formulate and develop targeted training based on User pain points
  • Enables Admin Users to Mentor, train and support enterprise users effectively
  • Proactively monitor enterprise product issues & regressions
  • Troubleshoot & resolve enterprise user related issues
  • Strategize & upgrade Enterprise Software

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We've started a Revolution

A revolution of how CAD-PLM-IoT-ERP-Enterprise Applications are Trained, Adopted and Used

Enterprise Software Applications are complex and are continuously being enhanced. We have started a revolution of how Enterprise Application Softwares are adopted & used within companies. Punditas leverages Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing & Deep Learning for Enterprise Applications to deliver structured and contextual information within Users context

Punditas Cognitive Engine

Stop the Digital Chase

People and Information are linked through a Context. Punditas Cognitive Engine automatically identifies Users context to deliver relevant insights from 100's of sources which the user could not have discovered on their ownPunditas AI suite of products is built on our proprietary Cognitive Engine technology

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