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Four concepts from pyschology play a key role in Punditas AI to ensure timely access to Product & Process Knowledge for Enterprise Users

Punditas AI platform leverages four concepts from Pyschology to ensure that Product Knowledge is retained by Enterprise Users. These concepts are


Ebbinghaus Retention Curve


Michael Allen’s 4 M’s for remembering info


Context is Everything


Spaced Repetition

1. Ebbinghaus forgetting curve

The "forgetting curve" from Hermann Ebbinghaus, a German psychologist who described it as the decrease in the ability of human brain to retain information over time. The curve depicts how retention of information is 100% at the time of learning but more than half the memory loss occurs within an hour and most of the information that will be forgotten is done within the first 8 hours and then it steadies out unless the learned knowledge is consciously reviewed time and again. How quickly we forgot depends on a variety of factors such as - complexity of material learned, how meaningful the learned material is to us, how the material was learnt, how frequently material was learnt and other physiological factors such as stress, etc.

Punditas Product Genome TM helps deliver “meaningful” information to Enterprise Users, Enterprise Software OEM's and Solution Providers

2. Michael Allen’s 4 M’s for remembering info

Dr. Michael Allen is a pioneer of the e-learning industry and in his book, Designing Successful E-learning describes how we can forget less if information is

  • Meaningful
  • Memorable
  • Motivational
  • Measurable

Punditas AI offers Tagging, Knowledge Paths and Knowledge Analytics modules that allows Users to forget less and recall information more effectively

3. Context is Everything

Context refers to the situations in which an event occurs. Nothing can be understood in isolation as context gives meaning to what we think and do. Contextual information is key to personalizing an individual User’s experience with a Product as it directly affects how a task is performed or how the task's results are interpreted.

Punditas AI detects Users context to automatically deliver meaningful information

4. Spaced Repetition

Spaced repetition is a powerful technique for efficient memorization and improving your brains ability to recall things effectively. Information we encounter on a regular basis tends to be more important than that we only come across once. Spaced repetition involves active recall of learnt material

Punditas AI Dashboard, Tips & Tricks module, Hall of Fame allows Users to recall information on a frequent basis based on Users personal interests, preferences and skills

Pyschology concepts in Punditas AI

Meaningful Information

Meaningful information is a function of linking {new information, well-rooted knowledge and Users skills}.
The “meaningfulness” of information is very personal - for example: what’s meaningful to one user may not be meaningful to another because it varies with each users areas of interest (e.g. Welding, Simulation, etc.), skill level of each user (expert, novice), Users personal preferences and more... Punditas AI Advisor offers two ways to deliver "meaningful" information to Users-

    1. Company published Knowledge Pathways
    2. User created Knowledge Pathways

Memorable Information

Human beings seem to remember better when we write something down rather than just reading stuff. Similarly, interacting withdigital content helps users memorize what they perceive as meaningful information instead of just seeing information on the screen.

Punditas AI offers Tagging as a key mechanism for creating “memorable” information. Users add tags to content that's interesting to them based on their areas of interest and skill level

Motivational Information

Creating an environment that arouses curiousity, motivates Users to explore. Punditas AI offers an environment where Users are motivated by success stories from fellow professionals. Also, Users are rewarded for contributing and sharing meaningful content with their peers. Two modules help "motivate" in Punditas AI -

    1. User Spotlight
    2. Hall of Fame

Contextual Information

Contextual information is key to personalizing an individual User’s experience with the Product. Punditas AI platform detects Users context automatically to deliver the right information. Users need to access all “meaningful” information within their "context" because context directly affects how a task is performed or how the task's results are interpreted.

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