Punditas Knowledge Maps

Punditas Knowledge Maps is a systematic assessment and definition of the current and future states of Enterprise Product knowledge within your organization.

Punditas Knowledge Maps identifies gaps in your organizations Product & Process Knowledge. A Knowledge Inventory is created based on people, process and technologies used within your organization. This Knowledge Inventory is then analyzed from different perspectives to generate a roadmap for future state of optimized knowledge dissemination for your organization.

Enterprise Product & Process Knowledge

Organizations use Enterprise Software Products or Applications for mission critical applications. These products are complex and require Enterprise Users to be well trained to be productive. Given the complexity and evolving nature of software, knowledge silos develop. Knowledge about "how", "what" of these Enterprise Software Products is kept solely in the heads of the Users and needs to be passed on to other team members for overall efficiency.

Why use Punditas Knowledge Maps?

Inventory your Product Knowledge

Punditas Knowledge Maps is an assessment tool to create an inventory of Knowledge by identifying "what" knowledge exists "where" in your organization -i.e. people, media and in "which" sources wthin and outside your organization

Highlight knowledge gaps with current state

Punditas Knowledge Maps identifies the knowledge gaps with your current state by identifying where people go, when they need help. Analyzing the flow of knowledge helps with highlighting the gaps with your current state

Improve Knowledge Sharing

Punditas Knowledge Graph breaks down the knowledge silos and creates a normalized knowledge graph. Each Enterprise User sees meaningful content that can be shared and collaborated across the organization

Impact your company's bottom-line

Knowledge is an asset of economic importance to the Organization. Punditas AI centralizes and delivers meaningful Product & Process knowledge based on Users preferences. This helps organizations improve user productivity

What are Enterprise Knowledge Maps?

An Enterprise knowledge map captures "what" knowledge resides "where" and the patterns of "how" knowledge flows (access, distribution,learning) within your organization

Punditas Knowledge Maps- Key features

Current State assessment

Knowledge Dashboard

Knowledge Flow analysis

Roadmap of Future State

Knowledge Dashboard

Knowledge Dashboard in Punditas provides insights into the Knowledge maps across your organization. It helps identify areas for cross pollination across business units. Also, Punditas Knowledge Maps helps pool knowledge & resources to benefit the organization

Punditas Knowledge Flow

Punditas Knowledge Flow chart establishes connections between your Users, Knowledge sources and the available knowledge within your organization

Punditas Approach to Organizational Knowledge

Graphic on the left shows our systematic approach for alignment of your organization's Knowledge Needs to your Users expectations and behaviors

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