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The available information for Enterprise Software Products such as Creo, SolidWorks, Windchill, TeamCenter, SAP, etc. is valuable only if the info can be found at the right time and within the Users context. “Product Stories dashboard” feature in Punditas AI automatically discovers and connects Users with relevant Tips, Tricks, Tutorials, Help articles, etc. based on the User's area of interest and their preferences.

Single Source for all Product stories

Personalization is everywhere in our personal lives. Punditas brings “personalization” to Product Knowledge

OOTB support for these Enterprise Products

Key features of Product Stories Dashboard

Structured Landing Page

Fresh Content

Stream news about your organizations internal Product/Process Training, webinars, etc.

Configurable Tiles

Product Stories Dashboard

Structured Landing Page

Punditas AI Advisor uses tiles to display Product Stories. Product stories is information about different aspects of an Enterprise Product. The stories dashboard delivers stories ONLY about the selected Enterprise Product.

The pic seen includes an example of stories displayed within PTC Creo Parametric environment. Six Product stories are presented within Creo and these include - Events Spotlight, User Spotlight, Partner Spotlight, Product Spotlight, Trending topics, Have you seen this, etc.

Fresh Content

Enterprise Products are evolving on a continuous basis and so can Users update their knowledge & skills. Users can take advantage of the features only if they knew about these updates. Product Stories dashboard presents latest updates about a selected Enterprise Product so Users can keep track of the new features, bugs, discussions, etc.

Key benefits of Product Stories Dashboard

Content Personalization by User

Continuous Learning platform

Early warning system for issues

Improved User productivity