About Punditas Knowledge Maps

Punditas Knowledge Maps is your guide to Where, What and How of Enterprise Product Knowledge, Dissemination and Training for your organization. Punditas Knowledge Maps is based on two key concepts


Knowledge Lakes


Knowledge Flow

1. Knowledge Lakes

Product Knowledge Lakes are centralized repositories of information for a Software Product. These can be internal (within your organization) or external repositories (publicly available on the web). These lakes contain information that's valuable to an organization and can contain both tacit and explicit product knowledge. Product in this context refers to Enterprise Application Software deployed within an organization

2. Knowledge Flowchart

Punditas Knowledge Flowchart analyzes the flow and impact of Knowledge within an organization. It shows where people in an organization go, when they need help. Punditas Knowledge flowchart highlights connections between Enterprise Users, Product Content and Knowledge sources

3. Punditas Knowledge Maps

Punditas Knowledge Maps captures "what" Product knowledge exists "where" in an organization such as business units, people, media and in "which" sources within and outside your organization. Knowledge map captures current state of where people in an organization go when they need expertise. It highlights what knowledge is essential or at risk to be lost and hence needs to be “secured”. Knowledge Map captures the future state for the organization by proposing new models for improving knowledge sharing, knowledge flow and the impact of knowledge on the organization. This helps align organizations learning strategy with their business needs

4. Knowledge Dashboard

Knowledge Dashboard in Punditas offers a comprehensive view of "What", "Where" and "How" of Product Knowledge within your extended organization. Its a consolidated view of all the knowledge maps across your business units. This dashboard helps identify areas of cross pollination across business areas.It also helps pool knowledge and resources to benefit at the organization level.

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