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Tagging is the act of tailoring or flagging content that’s interesting to a User based on each individuals personal preferences, skill level, area of interest, etc. Every piece of Product related content (Video, Help article, blog, etc.) has a story to tell. The Author of this content tells the story in their own words. For example, PTC Marketing tells the story using marketing speak But the words used by the Author may not resonate with the Product Users. Punditas allows Users to tag interesting content to create personalized knowledge paths

Why Tag in Punditas AI?

Tagging ensures Findability of content

Tagging brings order to cluttered data

Tagging ensures personalization of information

Tagging improves user productivity

What is a tag in Punditas AI?

A tag in the Punditas AI consists of basic quadruple{user, resource, tag, time}. Tagging enables each User to personalize the information according to their preferences.

Tagging in Punditas AI- Key features

Tags Creation

Tag Cloud

Tags Dashboard

Searching for Tags

The following types of content can be tagged in Punditas AI
Product Videos
Resolved Bugs
New Features
Online Help
Partner Products
Partner Services
Online Discussions
Customer Presentations
Reference Documents
Reported Bugs

Tagging in Punditas AI versus Browser bookmarks

This section compares the advantages of Tagging versus bookmarks created in Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, etc.

Tagging in Punditas AI

Browser Bookmarks

Feature Description Tag in Punditas is Browser bookmark is a shortcut that redirects your browser to a particular webpage that you havve a User has bookmarked.
Contextual Tagging

Created tags are automatically categorized based on Users context


Users can provide meaningful names when storing tags

Structured display

Tags are organized and appear on the Tags dashboard based on the content type

Collaboration & Sharing

Share tags with other users within the organization

Discover popular tags

Explore most popular tags for each content


Tags are easily searchable and are presented as part of the overall product insights

Knowledge Graph

Tags are discovered and presented as part of Knowledge Graph

Tags reuse

User tags can be reused to create meaningful knowledge paths

Tag Cloud

Gain additional insights by reviewing a summary of all tags added by other internal users


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