User Advisor

Punditas User Advisor is a Cognitive Knowledge Centric system that automatically discovers and delivers personalized, curated, Just-In-Time knowledge within the Enterprise Users context. It connects the dots between Enterprise Products, Content and Context to help Users resolve issues and get targeted training based on their personal style and preferences. Our technology gathers, analyzes and understands vast amounts of human and computer generated content for Enterprise Products to deliver right information at the right time within the Users context.

Structured, Contextual and Personalized information for every Enterprise User

Punditas User Advisor uses Machine Learning alogrithms to help transform how Users adopt and use Enterprise Products

Contextual Product Training, Tips, Tricks, Best Practises and more...

Product Knowledge is a function of User, Product and Version. The deeper the Product Knowledge, the faster Users can solve issues and be productive with Enterprise Products. But, Enterprise Users are not paid to become Experts in 3rd party Enterprise Products. They have a different job to do. Punditas User Advisor offers On-demand delivery of Product Knowledge based on Users context and Users personal style.

Use cases

Punditas User Advisor leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to discover what matters the most to the User while continuously learning about the Users preferences and behaviors.

Personalized & Targeted Product training for Enterprise Users

Punditas AI powered engine that allows Enterprise Users control their Product training based on their learning style and preferences
  • Personalized training courses can be created & tailored to match Users skill level and Product knowledge
  • Enterprise Users "Tag" Product content that complements their personal preferences of Listening, Watching or Reading content
  • Deep personalization of Product Content helps Users learn faster

Problem Solving based on Contextual Product Knowledge

Punditas Cognitive Engine offers intelligent recommendations to address a User's problem with Enterprise Product.

  • Curated, contextual knowledge delivered based on “What” the User wants, and “When” they want
  • Access to Tips, Tricks, Best Practises, Help and more based on Users context
  • helps pull together Product Knowledge that's inherently distributed and in heterogeneous formats
  • Structured access to Product Bugs, Workarounds & Enhancements
  • Troubleshoot Product Issues visually

Continuous Learning with trickle feed of Product information

Punditas User Advisor anticipates Enterprise User's Knowledge Needs and delivers relevant Tips, Tricks & Tutorials.

  • Integrates learning with daily activities
  • Fosters self-learning with constant expansion of Users skills through learning and observation
  • Helps Users remain innovative and relevant
  • Incentivized learning motivates Users with recognition and induction into Hall of Fame

Customer Testimonials

"Punditas User Advisor provides value to End Users as it allows them to be more efficient. It helps users obtain targeted training and issue resolution information."
Jim, Creo User

AeroSpace company

"A very good piece of Software. It’s a great way to quickly find all the answers to resolve issues"
Ralf, Engineering Manager

Industrial company

"This is a nice manifest. I find it useful as it simplifies finding information for Creo and Windchill. Its easier to find the information and is displayed cleanly."
Kevin, PLM Consultant

Technology company