Product Information powered by Contextual Intelligence

Get deeper insights into every facet of Enterprise Application Software. Punditas Product Advisor offers a consolidated visual dashboard of customer opinions, workarounds,best practises and more in the context of a bug or a feature

Business questions

Empowering critical business decisions

Questions such as "Who else" is using the software, "What" are the workarounds, "How" are the Product issues trending? "What-If" a specific software version is upgraded? "Which" module or product is worth your investment? "When" will be issues be fixed and more...

Enterprise Software Insights

Punditas connects and consolidates Enteprise Application Software data to uncover hidden patterns and new trends.

Turn data into insights for business advantage

Uncover impactful trends, understand data correlations and spot regressions. Visual Search Clouds are a unqiue way of identifying possible ways of addressing an issue.

Visual Search

One Stop Shop for Enterprise Software Information

Liberate Enterprise Application data that's locked away in siloes and scattered across many business and social systems.

What-If analysis engine for cross product interactions within your Enterprise

An interactive,visual environment for a quick compatibility analysis of Operating systems, Browsers, Java versions, Third party software for your Enterprise Applications


Enterprise Software Analytics

Uncover critical trends, anomalies, regressions with your Enteprise Products. Get a 360 degree view of all aspects of the Enterprise Software such as Issues, Enhancements, Compatibility information and more...


Improve business performance

Every Enterprise Software has its own release cycle and its impossible to keep up with the constant change. Punditas Product Advisor Visual dashboards are a great way to keep up with the Enterprise Software.

Contextual Intelligence

Analyze and review customer opinions and sentiments about Enterprise Applications in the context of an issue or feature


Latest insights from the people that know the best

Get unfiltered opinions from Product experts about the power and limitations of Enterprise Application at a feature-function level. And, share your own feedback