MBE Advisor

Punditas MBE Advisor is an AI based configurable platform to help you realize MBD and MBE Initiatives. It is a Connected, interactive real time system based on People-Process-Technology-Business Value-Maturity parameters for success. This end-to-end solution allows your stakeholders to collaborate, contribute and stay engaged through out the MBE journey

AI based configurable platform for Model Based Definition and Model Based Enterprise

Intelligent AI based solution for Strategic & Tactical Planning of your MBE journey

Strategize-Implement-Measure-Track your Model Based Journey

Punditas MBE Advisor is a dedicated solution to Strategize–Roadmap-Track-Measure progress of your MBD and MBE initiatives. Punditas proprietary algorithms automatically discover pertinent information and guide your along this journey. This connected platform engages stakeholders across the enterprise and serves as a centralized repository powered by Knowledge & Expertise from internal experts as well the best minds around the world

Use cases for Punditas MBE Advisor

Assess and Establish MBE Maturity Model for your Organization
  • A Connected, Real time system to capture your company's Maturity Model
  • Collaboration platform to finalize and establish requirements for your Maturity Levels
  • Compare your MBE Readiness against the Industry and your Peers
  • Baseline current MBE Readiness based on different Maturity Models
  • Assesing your MBD & MBE Readiness is NOT a one time thing. It's a dynamic, continuous process
Evaluate & Track Business Value of MBE for your organization
  • A collaborative platform can help identify ROI through integrated SWOT calculators
  • Capture Benefits, Risks, Opportunities and Threats of MBE for your company
  • Review Business Value of each SWOT parameter qualified & quantified
  • Punditas platform offers Qualitative Indicators, Quantitative Indicators for collaboration
  • You need to get buy-in from your Management & Engineers along the way…
  • SWOT is not a one time thing. As new business reasons come up in support or not in support of MBE they can be tracked, validated & communicated across the organization
Strategize, Roadmap, Implement & Track your MBE journey
  • Developing MBE Strategy requires identification of “What’s required of” People-Process-Technology at a specific Maturity Level
  • Identify, Capture, Collaborate, Strategize your Target Maturity Level, Roles, Tasks, Processes, Technology gaps based on their criticality, status and type
  • Get an agreement on the High Level plan from all MBE stakeholders
  • Articulate “Which” Roles, Processes, Technologies and “What” tasks will be done “When” using Timeline Explorer
  • Measure your People, Process, Technology readiness using Role Readiness Level (RRL),Process Readiness Level (PRL), Technology Readiness Level (TRL) Indicators
Educate, Empower & Engage your stakeholders about MBE
  • Centralized MBE Knowledge repository for the Organization to get onboard the MBE journey
  • AI Engine powers Visual Maturity Explorer, Integrated SWOT calculators, MBE Lexicon, Role Readiness Level, Process Readiness Level & Technology Readiness Level Indicators
  • Living, Interactive, Real time system dedicated to MBE
  • Curated, structured MBE content delivered based on the User role

Adoption of MBD and MBE requires a Cultural Transformation

Culture is like the wind. When it is blowing against you, everything is more difficult Punditas MBE Advisor can help

Customer feedback

" We are on the path of MBE and we know where we want to be. With that said, I think Punditas MBE Advisor is a good platform that connects People, Process and Technologies. The platforms helps our MBE Realization team collaborate and update our strategy and roadmap as things change in our company ”

Aerospace & Defense company

We have just begun exploring MBD and MBE. We are unsure of where to start and your tool Punditas MBE Advisor helps us assess the available Industry's maturity model and establish our own model based on our constraints. Further this will help us educate our stakeholders and secure funding for formally delivering Technical Data Packages.

Industrial company

"We have completed a few MBE pilots and are currently strategizing and preparing our roadmap. We can leverage Punditas MBE Advisor to develop our strategy, establish a roadmap as well as educate and engage stakeholders for the new Model Based world. Since this tool offers a mechanism for our engineers to participate in the MBE journey, I believe it will help with the cultural transformation.

Aerospace & Defense company