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Enterprise Users need actionable and precise answers.Punditas Product Advisor is an innovative tool that simplifies information access and delivers actionable Product Intelligence on Enterprise Software Applications in an easy-to-use visual format.

We help you maximize your usage of Enterprise Software.

Whether you are trying to resolve an Enterprise Application Software issue or learn about a new feature, Punditas connects you with the relevant information within your context every time. Because your success depends on what you know and how well you can use the Application.

Enterprise Software

Using Enterprise Application Software?
Exploit the software to its fullest extent

Enterprise Applications are typically complex and are constantly changing as each one of the apps have a release cycle of their own. Punditas Product Advisor is the goto place for Enterprise Users to get Just-In-Time answers for all Product related questions

Discover Workarounds. Get things done faster

Stuck? There may be more than one way to address an issue. With Punditas Product Advisor's structured access to contextual Product Information, discover tried and tested workarounds recommended by the best and the brightest in the industry.

Peer validation of bugs

Unsure if its a bug or expected behaviour?
Get the confirmation from your peers in the industry

Enterprise Software is typically used by thousands of users around the world. A bug that's reported or fixed could potentially impact all the users. Punditas Product Advisor is the only platform to assess the impact of reported or resolved bugs within your environment and to learn from other customers who are on the same boat as yours

Visually troubleshoot issues. Get to the bottom of the issue faster.

A picture is worth thousand words and a Word cloud is worth thousands of words. Punditas Product Advisor's Word clouds provides instant clarity and effectively communicates the patterns and trends in the data without having to go through pages of static, boring textual information to resolve issues

Issues list
In-Context community discussions

Tune into relevant community discussions. Tune out the noise...

Whether you are looking to address an issue or learn about a new feature in an Enterprise Application Software, Punditas Product Advisor lets you cut through the noise and get straight to the passionate discussions on the community from within the context of a bug or an enhancement.

Help yourself. Stay on the top of Enhancements

Keeping up with the latest versions of Enterprise Software is difficult, due to the frequent software releases. But not keeping up with latest versions could mean missed opportunities to decrease costs and improve productivity. Punditas Product Advisor's visual dashboard provides a 360 degree view of all the enhancements and the relevant customer opinions, community discussions,tutorials, presentations and more in one central location.


Share your insights. Impact the future.

Share your thoughts and opinions at the macro (Product, Module) or micro level(New Features, Bugs, etc.). Punditas Product Advisor provides a simple "facebook like" interface for you to identify whats working well (or maybe not) as well as to identify "nice to have" versus "must have" features. Share your opinion. You can influence the future of Enterprise Application Software!