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Complex enviroments are common in Product Development Companies. With Punditas Product Advisor, IT & Business Administrators can easily comprehend the complex cross product interactions and their impacts through a highly visual and interactive medium.

One place for your all Enterprise Software compatibility information

Minimize business disruptions with a single source of curated, structured repository of Enterprise Application Information. Get answers to critical business questions during Procurement, Implementation, Upgrade and Support phases of the Enterprise Application

Software dependencies

Visually assess software dependencies
Reduce risk.

Enterprises rely on software applications to support vital operations. Identifying and resolving cross-product interactions early-on is critical.
Punditas Product Advisor is an innovative platform to rapidly discover and track complex cross-product interactions in a visual environment

Waiting for bugs to pass by?
Wait no longer. Get a headstart.

The decision to update Enterprise software is less about "whether" to update and more about "when" to update. Punditas Product Advisor helps you evaluate the benefits and impacts of the update based on real-time experiences of your peers that have already deployed the specific build. A single dashboard view of regressions, workarounds, customer feedback all within the context of the bug simplifies the decision making process

Decision Dashboard
Single source of Information

Master Enterprise Software Complexity. Minimize business disruptions

Today, Enterprise Application data is locked away in siloes across many business and social systems. The high cost of discovering right information at the right time negatively impacts the productivity of teams. Punditas Product Advisor transforms data from fragmented sources into actionable insights to fuel your IT stratgies

IT infrastructure planning
Determine alignment of your assets

IT infrastructure is an essential component of daily operations and the foundational factor for your company's success. With Punditas Product Advisor, IT infrastructure planning process is simplified as the hardware requirements can be easily identified based on your application portfolio and the platforms supported by those applications.

Improved Confidence
product dashboard

Enterprise Application Software portfolio
Prepare for continuous software governance

Punditas Product Advisor consolidates data from multiple business and social systems to provide a single source for all your Enterprise Applications. You can assess the impact of reported bugs, resolved bugs, value of latest enhancements based on the un-filtered feedback from your peers in the industry

Keep up with pace of software change. Confidently manage risk and compliance

It is extremely difficult to keep up with the continuous release cycle of Enterprise Applications as newer versions, patches, hot fixes become available. With Punditas Product Advisor, quickly perform a What-If analyses on the 3rd party components such as Java, Browsers versions to assess the impacts within your environment for compliance and security

3rd party dependencies
upgrade paths

Enterprise Software upgrade planning
Assess business risk

The numeric change from one version 1.0 to 2.0 of the software seems trivial. That's definitely not the case as there may be multiple upgrade paths from your current version. Punditas Product Advisor helps you identify all the available and unavailable upgrade paths along with the associated caveats, customer inputs and reference documentation to aid the decision making process.