Admin Advisor

Punditas Admin Advisor is an AI based platform that empowers Business, IT, CAD Admins & PLM Administrators make critical business decisions for the Enterprise. Punditas Admin Advisor offers deep insights into Enterprise Apps & Enterprse Users by discovering non-obivous relationships between Users and Applications to uncover and alert you of Organizations Knowledge Needs, Application Issues and Regressions.

AI powered Insights for your Enterprise Apps & Enterprise Users

Minimize business disruptions with Punditas Admin Advisor

We make connections between Enterprise Admins-Apps-Users

Punditas Admin Advisor helps CAD/PLM/IT/Business Applications Owners within an Enterprise to rapidly answer the most critical questions during Procuring-Implementing-Maintaining-Training and Supporting Enterprise Application Software.

Use cases

Punditas Admin Advisor includes a Product dashboard that comes in a variety of pre-built configurations, each one optimized for a specific role within the Enterprise. Punditas Admin Advisor provides Trend detection and recommendations for the Admin role within the company.

Proactively monitor Enterprise Products
  • Personalize & Monitor critical parameters that matters the most using Product Parameters dashboard
  • Stay on the top of Product regressions, critical application issues, nasty bugs to avoid extreme consequences
  • Track changes to Browsers, Operating Systems and other Cross-Product interactions within the Enterprise App suite
  • Avoid Enterprise downtimes by being informed about critical issues seen by other customers
Troubleshoot & Resolve User related issues
  • Get a rounded view of the problem at hand by reviewing information from 9 different perspectives
  • Troubleshoot User issues visually
  • Stay on top of bugs and enhancements to resolve issues quickly
  • Identify Users pain points across Enterprise Application suite
  • Create & Push Best Practises to your User base based on frequently seen User issues
  • Monitor Training requirements based on Users pain points
Strategize & Upgrade Software
  • Analyze, Evaluate, Develop strategies for deploying Enterprise Applications
  • Get answers to critical business questions during Implementation, Upgrade and Support phases of the Enterprise Application
  • Carry out Risk-Benefit analysis before Upgrading Software
  • Assess Enterprise Software Stability based on Adoption trends
  • Get recommendations on robust Software builds to reduce enterprise downtimes
Train & Support User base
  • Monitor Knowledge Needs of your organizations
  • Formulate & Develop Knowledge Paths to address the Knowledge gaps
  • Leverage a HUGE repository of available Product Tips, Tricks, Tutorials to develop Training
  • Share Knowledge Paths & Best Practises across the User base
  • Train, Mentor, Support your user base on Enterprise Applications such as CAD, PLM, ERP, MES and others
  • Track Usage of published Knowledge Paths

Customer Testimonials

"It takes me only 5 secs to find compatibility information between Creo and Windchill. This would have taken me a long time searching, analyzing and consolidating information (using traditional methods)”
Denise,PLM System Administrator

Federal AeroSpace & Defense

Punditas Admin Advisor provides a unique and streamlined approach to Creo related information. It is your “one Stop” site for Locating information, Collaboration and Education. The dashboards provide a quick on items important to you. Specifically within Admin Advisor Trends, I can see the adoption of the different Creo versions that is valuable.
Marty Glass,Sr.Engineer

Amphenol ICC

"I was really impressed with Punditas software. I spend a great deal of time searching for information and I definitely see how this is a big help. All info is condensed in one page –its clearer and easier"
Steve,CAD Administrator

National Labs